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Std. 10th Mark sheet 2017 will be available from Tuesday 2nd August between 1 P.M. to 2 P.M. only on all working days. Bring your admit card.

Grading System


Marks RangeGradeGrade Point
91-100 A1 10.0
81-90 A2 9.0
71-80 B1 8.0
61-70 B2 7.0
51-60 C1 6.0
41-50 C2 5.0
33-40 D 4.0
21-32 E1  
0-20 E2  


Marks RangeGradeGrade Point
91-100 A+ 10.0
81-90 A 9.0
71-80 B+ 8.0
61-70 B 7.0
51-60 C 6.0


Promotion is based on the day-to-day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the terminal examination.

Percentile- A percentile rank is the percentage of scores that fall below given score. To find the percentile rank of a score X, out of a set of n scores, where X is not included. Then the formula is :

(No. of Score below X)/n * 100 Percentile Rank



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